The Fabulous Mr. Twigger

Luke Twigger’s work has the nerve to take on the frigid establishment. That is to say that it pays no heed to the consensual affectation of conceptualism, that convention deems as ‘cool’. Ideas are there alright it’s just that they are his own, which makes them genuinely cool.

Notions of the ‘Handmade’ held as something to be valued bring to mind sensible shoes and oatmeal. That is a crass reaction and needs to be challenged. The fact that the idea is central to Luke’s practice makes it all the more interesting, all the more subversive.

The most interesting thing about the Chapman Brothers is not their adolescent ‘Bad Boy’ posturing but that they combine this with a deep reverence for making.

There is irreverence in Luke’s work but it is much less self-conscious. It is stylistically louche which I suppose makes it bona fide Postmodern. His work is available though to anyone who probably quite rightly doesn’t give a damn if it is or not.

Luke appears to show distain for over analysing his practice. What seems more important is that it’s a celebration of the boundaries of what can be aesthetically usable without the sneering irony that so often underlies bourgeois condemnations of Kitsch.

It is smart without using its cleverness as a stick to beat you with. These objects are made with love, can anyone tell me what’s not cool about that?

Colin Smith

Sub-Editor Turps Banana Magazine

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